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CECC provides a secure, supportive and trusting environment in which a child can develop and grow at their own pace

Our Programmes:

"Our Place"

Our Place… CECC
Outside on the playground
Inside in the class
Dreaming of the future
Remembering the past
There’s teachers who take care of us
And friends who do the same
They’re all here at our special place
And our place has a name
There’s a place on the corner
It’s the place to be
Where the learning’s fun and the hugs are free
You know its gonna help us be the best that we can be
It’s our place… CECC
Splashing in the sunshine
And rolling in the snow
Winter, summer, spring or fall
Yeah, it’s the place to go
You’ll always find a loving hand
A happy smiling face
So come and join us if you can
You’re welcome at our place